Build-A-Bear donated 5000 stuffed animals to the Red Cross

Build-A-Bear donated 5000 stuffed animals to the Red CrossBuild-A-Bear made a big donation of 5000 teddy bears to the Red Cross in the US. The stuffed animals will go to Disaster Field Supply Centers.

Build-A-Bear wants to help bring children a smile after a tornado, fire or other disaster. The bears will be in the Red Cross disaster action vehicles.

They will come along with blankets, snacks, water and hygiene products. This is all part of the Red Cross disaster relief programs.

The 5000 teddy bears are already at five centers in St. Louis; Reno, Nev.; Carlisle, Penn.; Atlanta and Dallas. 5000 stuffed animals may seem a lot, but they will go quickly. In St. Louis alone the Red Cross says they respond to an average of three fires a day.

This is why Build-A-Bear now plans to donate 5000 Lil’ Honey Cub bears every year. These are brand new bears of a new model that it’s not even in the stores yet.

“In these situations, our priority has always been ensuring those affected have their critical needs met  — such as safe shelter and clean water — and providing support in a way that is helpful to the relief effort,” Emily Fuhrman, Manager of foundations and giving at Build-A-Bear says to St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “In partnering with the Red Cross, we can now provide children impacted with a new furry friend to be by their side, once their immediate needs are taken care of.”