Build-A-Bear completes a full Super Mario line-up of bears and stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear completes a full Super Mario line-up of bears and stuffed animalsBuild-A-Bear completed its Nintendo Super Mario line-up. Now the entire line-up features five characters including a Super Mario and Princess Peach bears.

The new stuffed animals are already making their way to the Build-A-Bear stores in the US, UK and Canada. They are also already on the company’s online store.

The new, completed line-up features a total of five full size stuffed toys. They are 16 inches tall (less when they are sitting).

You will see a Mario Bear rocking the classic Super Mario outfit and sporting the Mario moustache. All of the toys also have the Super Mario logo on their foot.

Then there’s the Princess Peach bear. She wears a pink dress and sports a crown. Hopefully, she won’t be saying she’s in another castle all the time, though. Actually, that may be possible, who knows, as Build-a-Bear will also offer two 5-in-1 sound chips which you can add to the bears.

This way you can make Mario or someone else sound like Bowser for example. And yes, speaking of Bowser, there’s also his replica from Build-A-Bear. This toy though is not a bear dressed as Bowser. It is a quite accurate representation of Bowser.

We can also say the same for the pre-stuffed Yoshi and Toad. There’s also a Luigi bear, but as per the Luigi, tradition, he’s not on the main photo. Poor Luigi…

As with all other Build-A-Bear themed toys, the Super Mario line also has lots of additional accessories. Among them are smaller Yoshi eggs, mushrooms, golden star and so on. There are also additional costumes.

And as always, you can use the accessories with other bears and toys from the Build-A-Bear world to create your own unique teddy bear. There’s also a sound module with the Super Mario Bros theme. You know there had to be one. And we want it.