Build-A-Bear celebrates the 2016 Rio Olympics with a moveable stuffed bunny

Build-A-Bear celebrates the 2016 Rio Olympics with a moveable stuffed bunnyBuild-A-Bear also joins the celebrations for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The company introduced a new moveable stuffed bunny called More Moves Bunny.

Most Build-A-Bear stuffed animals don’t really have moveable legs or paws. They are sewn on the body and you can only slightly move them as on any other plush toy.

But from time to time, the company changes things up. Now it is adding the More Moves Bunny. As the name says, finally, a moveable stuffed animal.

It is an adorable plush bunny which will lead a new line of gymnastics plush. The bunny has moveable arms and legs and can do splits and other gymnastic exercises.

As always, the owner can personalize the stuffed toy. Also, the bunny comes with several new outfits as additional options. Among them are a gymnastics leotard and even a customizable cheerleading uniform. It even comes with pompoms.

Finally, More Moves Bunny costs about the same as all other Build-A-Bear stuffed animals. The cheerleader set, which includes the bunny, will be a bit more expensive. The company is already offering the toy. The stuffed bunny is a great way to celebrate the Olympic games. And you can even make a whole Olympic team. We are also looking forward to see what else the new line will offer.