Build-A-Bear brings back Pay Your Age Day with new rules

Build-A-Bear brings back Pay Your Age Day with new rulesLast year Build-A-Bear had a PR disaster on its hands after the fumble with the Pay Your Age Day promotion. Now the company wants to try again. This time it has new rules.

The idea of the promotion is simple – you pay whatever your age is for any stuffed animals in the store. If you’re 10 years old, then a stuffed animal will cost you $10.

As you can imagine, and probably remember, this caused quite the chaos at many Buld-A-Bear Workshops in the US and UK last year. Now the company will handle things differently.

This year the Pay Your Age day will be only for Bonus Club Members. You can become one at Build-A-Bear’s website (it’s free to register) and then enter in the Pay Your Age ticket draft.

About 200 000 people will get tickets to be allowed into the Workshops and use the Pay Your Age promotion. Fans have to enter in the draft by 11:59 PM ET, June 16th 2019. Winners will find out by June 21st whether they’ve won a ticket.

Winners will then get a date between June 24 and June 28, 2018 to go to a selected Workshop nearby. There’s a limit to buying two stuffed animals per ticket.

Additionally, ten Guests will win the Count Your Candles Sweepstakes grand prize of a birthday party experience to use any time in the next twelve months valued up to $250. And if you win a ticket, don’t forget to bring it to the store either printed on paper in good quality, or displayed on your phone.