Build-A-Bear apologizes for the Pay Your Age Day blunder

Build-A-Bear apologizes for the Pay Your Age Day blunderBuild-A-Bear had a good idea with its Pay Your Age Day promotion. But it ended quite badly with closed stores, chaos and police. So, now the company has a PR issue to resolve.

The company acted quick with issuing vouchers to members who couldn’t get a bear during the promotion. Now, even the company’s CEO Sharon Price John also publicly apologized for the issue, Fortune reports.

“The crowds were beyond anything we could have imagined”, Price John told NBC. She said that the stores were fully stocked and staffed in anticipation of the event. The CEO also added she’s “sorry that we were not able to provide the service that we wanted.”

The promotion ran in Build-A-Bear Workshop stores in the US, UK and Canada. As an apology, the company is offering the customers in these countries a $15 voucher through August 31. The company will also honor the Pay Your Age promotion during a child’s birthday month.

So far, Build-A-Bear hasn’t announced if it’s planning a return to the Pay Your Age Day. Or maybe it should make it a weekend or something, so there aren’t big crowds gathering just at one day. Sometimes though, an idea is too good to even put into realization.