Build-A-Bear announces Batman and Superman teddy bears

Build-A-Bear announces Batman and Superman teddy bearsBuild-A-Bear is preparing for the latest Batman and Superman movie with special new teddy bear and much more! A stuffed Batmobile! Check it out!

The new stuffed animals and toys are meant to go along with the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie in a few months time. There will be two themed teddy bears and two special new costumes for all other stuffies the company offers. Then there’s the plush Batmobile.

Superman Bear dons a red cape and blue suit, complete with red rubber boots, while Batman Bear features the iconic black mask and cape, yellow bat belt and black rubber boots. The bears themselves feature themed logos of Batman and Superman.

Build-A-Bear plush Batmobile

The costumes cost $16 each. The Batmobile is $30, while the bears are $25 each. There is also an option to add a sound module to each of the bears. The Batman module features 4 sounds, while the Superman module has 6 sounds. Each module costs $7.

The toys are already in the Build-A-Bear shops. They are also on the online store of the company.

Build-A-Bear Batman

Build-A-Bear Superman