Build-A-Bear adds Wicket the Ewok from Star Wars to its collection

Build-A-Bear adds Wicket the Ewok from Star Wars to its collectionBuild-A-Bear has expanded its Star Wars collection with a new character. You can now make your own Ewok – Wicket from Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.

The Build-A-Bear Wicket will be in stores from this week. It is already available online. The plush toy will take advantage of several of the company’s extras when you personalize your own Wicket.

The toy is 16-inches tall. It can be had with a sound chip inside. The chip will feature several sounds from Wicket from the movie. It is a $7 add-on. The stuffed animal itself will cost $28 or as much as the rest in the line.

As you can expect, you can order a Wicket along with its original outfit from Return of the Jedi. You can also personalize your toy with any additional outfits and accessories you choose.

Wicket joins the already quite interesting Star Wars collection of Build-A-Bear. It features Rey, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, a storm trooper and many more. Naturally, all are appearing as teddy bears. A smaller, 10-inch Ewok is also on offer.