Build-A-Bear adds the Charmander to its stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear adds the Charmander to its stuffed animalsBuild-A-Bear added another Pokemon character to its line of stuffed animals. The Charmander comes to the rest of the stuffies complete with many accessories.

The Charmander joins Pikachu in the Build-A-Bear Pokemon toy line. He is the second most popular Pokemon and that will cost you.

Build-A-Bear is releasing a limited edition of the Charmander. The toy is already outĀ in theĀ online store.

It will set you back $61 which is pretty much double the usual Build-A-Bear price tags. But there are some extra goodies for the price. You will get a sound chip, two hoodies for stuffed animals. Of course you will also get a Build-A-Bear Workshop exclusive trading card.

Build-A-Bear Charmander

Starting from December 8th, the Charmander will also make his way to the Build-A-Bear Workshop stores. There you will be able to get the regular Charmander without all of the extras. Or you could add just some of them. The price of the plushie will also be lower.

Also in the Build-A-Bear lineup is Eevee. The company is quite fond of Pokemon characters, so you can expect even more to come up in the future. So far nothing is official though, but our hopes are high.