Build-A-Bear adds some scary “The Nightmare Before Christmas” stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear adds some scary "The Nightmare Before Christmas" stuffed animalsBuild-A-Bear is known for its cute stuffed animals. Now the company has gone the opposite way by making some scary new plushies from a famous movie.

Build-A-Bear has introduced new “The Nightmare Before Christmas” stuffed animals. Somehow they manage to look both cute and scary at the same time.

The line features several characters. The first one is the Jack Skellington bear. It comes in black-and-white rocking a matching tuxedo and a bowtie.

You can also get it with a music chip for a total price of $55. Just the bear is $29 and the outfit is $18. The music chip is $8. The bad news – the Jack Skellington bear is already sold out. The good news – that’s hopefully just the initial run and there will be more items coming soon.

The line also features Sally the ragdoll bear. She comes with an unique outfit and a music chip for $53. Just the bear is again $29, but the dress is $16.

Build-A-Bear is also kicking into high gear with several other offers. Among them are the Pumpkin Glow Bear Gift Set, the Candy Corn Unicorn Halloween Gift Set and more.

A couple of days ago Build-A-Bear also introduced a new, online-exclusive, Wolverine bear dressed up in the classic Wolverine outfit. It’s also got a new Howl-O-Ween Werewolf coming in time for Halloween.