Build-A-Bear adds several Star Wars Last Jedi teddy bears and a porg

Build-A-Bear adds several Star Wars Last Jedi teddy bears and a porgStar Wars: The Last Jedi is coming and Build-A-Bear is already getting in on the frenzy. The company introduced several new themed teddy bears and a porg.

Leading the pack is the new Chewbacca bear. It’s a combination of Chewie and a classic Build-A-Bear teddy bear.

The stuffed animal has signature features of both. Of course, it can be customized with additional accessories and a sound module.

You can do the same for the special Captain Phasma bear. Both come with their signature costumes (offered separately) which can be used to dress up other Build-A-Bears.

Build-A-Bear Captain Phasma

The third addition is the Porg. It comes in a true-to-the-movie form, mimicking the already favorite characters quite closely. This means you can’t really customize it with classic Build-A-Bear stufff, but it’s a Porg, so you will be happy, right?

Build-A-Bear Porg

The bears keep their $35 price. But the company is doing a sale in which it offers 2 bears for $45. And if you spend more than $50 on Star Wars bears, you will receive a free lightsaber.

It’s definitely a great time to be a Star Wars fan that’s for sure. And the frenzy is only going to get even bigger in the next months. So, it’s going to be fun.