Build-A-Bear adds new Sonic and Tails stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear adds new Sonic and Tails stuffed animalsBuild-A-Bear is adding Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails to its line of stuffed animals. The new toys are coming with their own special accessories, too.

The Sonic and Tails Build-A-Bear stuffed animals are already out. You can even get Sonic with an exclusive 4×6 poster by the Sonic Team. It features Sonic holding a teddy bear.

There are some minor differences to the usual Build-A-Bear experience, though. Sonic is only available in pre-stuffed form and in the online bundle. This means you can’t find this toy in the normal Build-A-Bear Workshops.

Happily, that’s just for the exclusive launch. This weekend Sonic will also make his way to the stores. There you can have the full Build-A-Bear experience and add more accessories, stuffing and so on.

Build-A-Bear Tails

Sonic is 17-inches tall and you can add several accessories. Among them is a gold ring wrist accessory. There’s also a sound chip which can add some of Sonic’s famous phrases to the plush toy. The sound chip also features the background music from Sonic 3.

Of course, Build-A-Bear also adds a T-shirt for other teddy bears. It features Sonic and will set you back $7. The plush Sonic costs $30.

Build-A-Bear Sonic T-shirt

Tails on the other hand is $13. The character’s plush is 13-inches tall, also pre-stuffed. You can also add a digital sound chip to Tails.

The toys join other popular video game and movie characters that Build-A-Bear has introduced. Among them are Pikachu and Eevee.