Build-A-Bear adds new Despicable Me 3 stuffed animals

Build-A-Bear adds new Despicable Me 3 stuffed animalsDespicable Me 3 is debuting in the cinemas this month, but Build-A-Bear is already ready with its first wave of themed stuffed animals and plushies.

Build-A-Bear is releasing three new stuffed toys and a line of accessories that can go with them. And as always, you can also use them with other Build-A-Bear toys, too.

First in the line-up is Fluffy the Unicorn. Fluffy comes with a funky look as per the movie.

Also joining the party are Minions Dave and Jerry. All three of the stuffed toys come bare, as close the to the original characters as possible.

They do have a range of additional outfits, too. Jerry and Dave have a choice of several tourist outfits and minions overalls. There are also a couple of special costumes and a accessories like a minions banana and a vampire costume.

The toys are already making their way towards the online store of Build-A-Bear and soon in the Workshops. The prices are the usual for the company with no surprises.