Build-A-Bear adds a Narwhal and a Toothy Shark to its line-up

Build-A-Bear adds a Narwhal and a Toothy Shark to its line-upBuild-A-Bear is giving sea creatures some attention with its latest releases. They feature a cute Narwhal stuffed animal and a Toothy Shark.

The Narwhal is one that’s going to gather quite the attention. It’s basically a “whale unicorn”.

According to National Geographic, a narwhal is a porpoise that’s nicknamed the “unicorn of the sea” due to the sword-like tooth that is a noticeable trait of male narwhals. The tooth has no known function, which adds to the mystery of this animal, Simplemost reports.

And while the real narwhal looks a big scary, the Build-A-Bear version is quite cute. It will cost you $22 and as always, you can also get quite a lot of accessories for it.

Among them are a cute tutu for $8. There are other cool items as well, if you wish to personalize your plush narwhal.

The other addition is Toothy Shark. Build-A-Bear recently introduced two other plush sharks, but they are already all sold out at least online. The Toothy Shark is going to cost you #20.

Of course, you can also customize it with different accessories and costumes from the Build-A-Bear line. And you can use coupons and promo codes if you have them after the “Pay Your Age Day” issues and make it even cheaper.