Bugatti shows off one of the most expensive toys ever

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Bugatti shows off one of the most expensive toys everBugatti is famous for its very expensive hypercars and now this translates into very expensive toys, as well. Maybe even the most expensive ones ever.

The company introduced its new Bugatti Baby. The name sounds cute, but it’s actually not quite the Baby.

What it is is a small classic “pedal” car. Instead of pedals though, it’s using an electric motor and batteries to whizz along.

The Bugatti Baby is modeled after the classic Type 35 from the 1930s. Originally, back then there was the same car both in real form and as a Baby with pedals.

This new rendition of it comes as part of Bugatti’s celebrations for its 110th anniversary this year. The Baby develops 1.3HP and can go to a top speed of 20 km/h in Child Mode. It also has an Adult mode where the power jumps 4 times and the speed goes up to 45 km/h. With an optional Speed Key, you can unlock the full 13HP of the motor.

The interior of the car has an aluminum dashboard like the original T35. It has the same steering wheel, leather seat and more. It also has working headlights. The price for this goodness? A whopping $45 000. That’s Bugatti money right there.