Budsies will be offering the most unique Christmas gifts

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Budsies will be offering the most unique Christmas giftsWant to surprise your kids or loved ones with the most personal an unique gift for Christmas? Budsies has an interesting idea with themed stuffed animals.

The company is known about turning drawings, even the most crazy ones, into stuffed animals and soft toys that are resembling the drawings as close as possible. Now the upcoming holiday season is a great time for getting your loved ones such a gift.

Budsies have posted a a few images that show some Christmas and Hanukah themed stuffed toys that have been made using drawings. You can have similar toys, too. All you have to do is send Budsies a photo of the drawing. This makes for a nice surprise gift without anyone being any the wiser. Of course, the receiver of the gift should be quite fond of the drawing.

Budsies Hanukah

Budsies Reindeer