Budsies turns kids’ drawings into stuffed animals

Budsies turns kids' drawings into stuffed animals
Image credit: Budsies

Does your child often draws animals? A company called Budsies can turn the drawings into stuffed animals. Now that would be a very interesting gift wouldn’t it?

Budsies can create almost anything a child can draw. There have already been orders for all kinds of animals, mostly fictitious, robots, monsters, fruit and you name it.

Children have a boundless imagination and now they can see it take form in a real stuffed toy. Slowly but surely Budsies are becoming popular. They use clean and safe materials for the stuffies so you don’t need to worry about it. The materials are also hypoallergenic.

Naturally you can’t simply show the drawing and then take the stuffed toy of it a few mintues later. It actually takes about eight weeks to get it shipped. Mostly because there’s a waiting list and because Budsies want to get it right the first time.

All toys are 16-inches high so you can cuddle with them easily. People need to simply send the picture and then the designers will take a look. If needed they will get back asking for some more details. If┬ádon’t need extra info, they will simply say to you when to expect delivery.

The price is 69 dollars per order plus shipping. Sometimes the company makes discounts so be on the look out. The company is also looking for ways to drop the price down to 59 dollars full time and we’re certainly looking forward to that.

Budsies recently partnered with scrapbooking company PlumPrint, which turns kids’ artwork into custom albums, Yahoo Finance reports. Customers can now repurpose their PlumPrint album artwork and turn it into a Budsies piece. Partnerships with scrapbooking app, Keepy and drawing app, Drawing Desk, have also been made for even more ways to expand your collection.

Currently the company is also having a drawing contest. Children can post on Facebook their turkey drawings. The one with the most likes will be turned into a free toy for the winning child.