Budsies launches a crowdfunding market for stuffed animals

Budsies launches a crowdfunding market for stuffed animalsDo you have a great idea for a new stuffed animal? Now you can try and make it a reality thanks to Budsies new crowdfunding market for plushies.

Budsies’ business has from the start been all about custom stuffed animals. You send them a picture or a drawing and they make it into a reality.

Now the Budsies Market gives people a chance to turn their ideas into production stuffed animals and toys. For a start, Budsies has chosen a few characters of real customers. And now anyone can add their ideas to the market and see if there’s enough interest.

The idea is simple. You create a page and post the pictures and drawings you want to create into actual plushies. Then you also add a description and a story why you want this toy to become a reality.

Then you have 15 days to get at least 100 pre-orders or more. If that happens, then the toy will go into production. Budsies will take care of the actual design of the toy and manufacturing. The creator of the drawing will even get 10% of the profits. If for some reason you don’t get the needed pre-orders, the existing ones will be refunded.

The Budsies market is open to everyone. From Instagram influencers to kids and fans. Kids of course will need the help of a parent to set the page.