Boppi the booty shaking Llama tops Tesco’s top 10 toys list for Christmas

Boppi the booty shaking Llama tops Tesco's top 10 toys list for ChristmasCrazy toys are all the rage these days. So much that they are now topping top 10 toy lists of big retailers like Tesco. Boppi the booty shaking Llama did just that.

Tecso chose Boppi as the leader of its Top 10 toys for Christmas 2019. It tops a list where there are a lot of major toys.

Among them are the Hogwarts’ Clock Tower from Harry Potter. Also on the list we see the Carousel Doll House, and the Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Squad vs Squad Playset.

Tesco has tried to choose toys for every taste and preference for the list. It also covers a lot of various toy categories. Among the more unusual choices is the Fisher Price Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth.

The top 10 list also features a two-pack Toy Story 4 Woody and Buzz. Also joining the list are Blume and the LOL Surprise Glitter Globe Winter Disco. These two are proving to be quite popular, too. LOL Surprise is managing to keep interest for quite some time now, which is impressive.

Finally, the list rounds off with Slap Ninjas and the Tesco Delivery Van. That last one may purely be there because of the name, but it’s also an interesting toy.