Blog: You’re not too old for stuffed animals

Blog: You're not too old for stuffed animals

Let’s cut right to the chase. You’re not too old for stuffed animals. No one is. It doesn’t matter if you just keep one teddy bear or a whole collection.

This site has been going strong for two full years now. We’ve met quite a few people along the way and shared with them about our hobby.

People are genuinely surprised when they hear about it. And they are pleasantly surprised, often asking several questions about it. Some even start to offer ideas! And of course, then there are the memories they remember…

That’s the power of stuffed animals. They are more than simply toys you play with and then forget about. You remember the times you’ve had with your favorite stuffies. At least one of them was always around.

You’re not the only one

Most adults still take a stuffed animal with them when they travel. A study from the hotel chain Travelodge showed that 35% of British adults sleep with a teddy bear and bring it when they travel. College students also often take a teddy bear or a favorite stuffed toy with them.

Stuffed animals are also one of the most preferred souvenirs next to magnets of course. We all love stuffed animals. That’s obvious thanks to their sales, too. They are the second most sold type of toys after action figures.

There are many reasons for it. Psychologists call them transitional objects. They even have a special term for fans of teddy bears – arctophile. For the fans themselves it’s a passion and a great hobby.

The bottom line is, that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed if you happen to love stuffed animals and you’re an adult. It’s a great hobby to have. The sheer amount of related events also proves it. So, don’t hide your favorite teddy bear in the closet. It’s a great way to see who of your guests is likeminded and you would like to spend more time with them. Yes, a teddy bear can even help you finding better friends.

And, a teddy bear will always be by your side. Even when things are tough and will help you bring a smile to your face. You’re not too old for stuffed animals and never will be!