Blog: We all love stuffed animals

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Blog: We all love stuffed animals

We all love stuffed animals. It doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an adult. There is just something about them. But few people admit their fondness. is nearly a year old now. Through all this time we have noticed and learned quite a few things which we have tried to share with you to our best. We also noticed an interesting trend in relation to people liking stuffed animals.

One of them is that many people often talk about stuffed animals and include them in some way in their stories. The last one is from Bustle and it comes in the story about 10 Struggles only Insomniacs will understand. In that story the author writes: “You crave your comforter, your pillows, your stuffed animals (okay, maybe that last one is just me)”. Well, it’s not just you. In fact most people say the exact same thing when they mention stuffed animals.

The reason behind it is simple. Stuffed animals are toys and it is viewed weird if an adult still likes toys. But in reality stuffies are more than just toys. They develop their own unique personalities through you. Think about it – you have a different feeling and way of approaching each stuffed toy.

Stuffed animals are also a way of expression. Both children and adults sometimes feel it is easier to express their feelings through a stuffed animal. Either as giving a cute toy to a loved one, or by “speaking” through the toy.

Then there’s the other thing we noticed. Throughout this past year we have shared the fact that we have a site dedicated to stuffed animals with quite a lot of people, even some big professionalists. Every single one of them had a genuine warm and pleased reaction towards them. Some were remembering their childhood times with stuffies, others were interested to find out more.

We should also not forget the survey that showed that many adults bring with them a stuffed animal when they travel abroad. And of course many people buy stuffies as souvenirs when they are on a trip.

Our point is that the vast majority of people really do like stuffed animals but for some reason feel uneasy or even ashamed to admit it. There is nothing wrong about liking plushies. Actually it shows that you have a soft side, no pun intended. You like animals and you are a overall a kind person. So next time when you say something about stuffed animals, don’t add “okay, maybe that last one is just me”. It isn’t and that’s what’s great about it.