Blog: A smile goes a long way every time

Blog: A smile goes a long way every timeRecently we have been reminded once again that something as simple as a smile can make the difference in one’s day. Even if it’s a smile thanks to a stuffie.

You never know how a person feels and you can be the reason why they feel better. You should be the reason why a person feels better, even if you don’t know that person.

It is very easy. All you have to do is smile. Or say to someone they look good today. Or tell them they have been helpful. You never know when you will make the difference for someone and give them that small but life-changing push to bring them out of a bad place mentally and emotionally.

That’s not all. Smiling is also a door opener. Being smiled and polite can help you get better service. Treating people with respect and kindness is also very important. No matter if you are talking or working with a president, a service clerk, a retailer etc. Treat everyone equally with respect and kindness. Smiling to someone who is having a hard day at work can really make them feel better and they will respond likewise to you.

Smiling goes a long way toward your personal state, too. When you have had a difficult day, you know how much better can a smile make you feel. Scientists have proven that a smile has a positive effect over the body. So you have to always find something to smile about.

If you like stuffed animals, and you do, if you are reading this, then you do, you can use their help to smile every day. For us, simply looking at our favorite stuffies is enough to smile. A hug also always helps. You probably already know about this. Sometimes though you need a reminder. So, smile! Smile everyday! Bring your always smiling stuffies along for the ride, as well.