Black Widow gets its new toy line of action figures

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Black Widow gets its new toy line of action figuresIt took quite a while, but Black Widow finally has her own line of action figures. Marvel commissioned a few such toys and now they are here.

Basically, it took Black Widow to have her own dedicated movie in order to get her own toys. Hasbro was happy to oblige and introduced an entire Black Widow range of action figures.

Among them is the first deluxe Marvel Legends figure, ScreenRant reports. It has Natasha Romanoff in a white costume along with several accessories and a flight stand.

The figure also comes with three sets of interchangeable hands for different accessories and poses. All of that for $29.99.

Hasbro is also working on a Nerf Dart Launcher styled like Widow’s Sting. There’s also a Taskmaster Stealth Slash sword and shield.

Funko also joined the party and will offer Black Widows POP figures. Among them there might be one with possible movie spoilers, so we won’t delve too much into them. But it seems like finally Marvel is confident about Black Widow being popular enough and the available toys will reflect that.