Beware of dangerous toys and stuffed animals during your holiday shopping

Beware of dangerous toys and stuffed animals during your holiday shoppingThe holiday shopping is beginning and experts are advising parents to be careful. Potentially dangerous toys and stuffed animals can slip through the stores.

It’s easy to overlook obvious things during the shopping frenzy. So, you have to stay sharp and keep your eyes peeled, 10 News WSLS reports.

There are also lots of toys can simply aren’t age appropriate. So, you should try and stay collected and not buy out of emotion a toy that is meant for an older child.

“Toys that don’t have anything that’s detachable that they could get ingested into mouths or lodged, so stuffed animals, dolls, those types of things”, says Carilion Children’s Safe Kids coordinator Jill-Lucas-Drakeford.

She also adds that toys with button batteries are also dangerous. “It starts to deteriorate the tissues. It can cause some really severe injuries so unfortunately, it kind of masks the same symptoms and tissues of maybe a virus. So kids might start to throw up, feel nauseated, be coughing and wheezing and those types of things”, she adds.

This is why you should stick to age-appropriate toys and also double-check to make sure they are well made. Samantha Smelser is mom that says to 10 News that she always pays attention. “Do your research beforehand. The internet is a great tool. You can look up stuff before you even have to go and brave the crowds. And you can let your family know ahead of time, “Hey, this is a good idea”, “Hey, this isn’t a good idea”, she says.