Beefy released a new 28-inch plush Dragonpoo

Beefy released a new 28-inch plush DragonpooNeed some big stuffed animals for you collection? Beefy released a new 28-inch plush Dragonpoo. He is from the series of Adventure of Ryupoo.

Dragonpoo is Beefy’s longest plush to date, the company says to And Dragonpoo is more than just a regular stuffed animal.

His body features what the company calls “a ball jointed armature”. This allows the owner of the toy to change the pose of Dragonpoo’s body.

This means you can have the plush Dragonpoo pose in a variety of ways to complement your stuffed animal collection. It will also make for great poses for photos, too!

At 28-inches (72 cm), you might expect this big stuffed animal to be quite expensive. Actually, it costs $28. So, that’s a dollar an inch. Not bad, especially considering the armature and the sheer amount of detail on the plushie.

So, if you’re a fan of the Adventure of Ryupoo or simply like cool-looking stuffed animals, check Dragonpoo out. You might love him.