Bears for Humanity tries to make the world a better place

Bears for Humanity tries to make the world a better place
Image credit: Bears for Humanity

Bears for Humanity is a company that makes stuffed animals with a twist. For every stuffie sold it donates one to charity organizations for children in need.

Despite the name, Bears for Humanity makes quite a lot of stuffed animals. It offers cats, dogs, lions, dinosaurs, fantasy animals and many more.

The company also distinguishes itself with the materials it uses to make the stuffies. And the way it goes about creating the new toys.

All of the stuffed animals are made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton with no pesticides. They are hypoallergenic, hand sewn, and built in the United States. The fill is made from recycled plastic bottles and caps, which explains why they are a bit heavy for their size. Bears for Humanity doesn’t use polyester fiberfill.

The stuffed animals vary in size, but in general they are about 12 inches tall. This is an ideal size for cuddling and playing, but also for carrying around.

“But developing the perfect teddy bear was only one part of our goal. The gift of a teddy bear changed my life. Now, I would like to do the same for the millions of children today who experience the hardships of loss and poverty. In the United States alone there are 3 million children living below the poverty line, 1 million in foster care, and nearly half a million Children without permanent homes”, Renju Prathap, co-founder of Bears for Humanity writes on their website.

“So, Vijay and I began to think of ways to do what we can to make their lives better. We thought, let’s find a way to give our bears to the children that need them most. And that is when we started working on our “Buy one – Give One” model. For every bear sold, we will donate a bear to a needy child through our wide network of giving partners”, she adds.