BBC and Posh Paws add new, eco-friendly BBC Earth stuffed animals

BBC and Posh Paws add new, eco-friendly BBC Earth stuffed animalsPosh Paws and BBC Studios announced they are renewing their partnership. This means both companies will continue to make eco-friendly stuffed animals.

The new deal is effective from January 2020 and it covers UK, EMEA, Australia, and New Zealand. And the new stuffed animals are coming to the stores this Spring.

They feature several additions to the line-up. Among them are baby penguins, seal pups, lion cub, giraffe, leopard and monkey.

The new toys feature 100% recycled post-consumer waste PET plastic filling. It shows that toys can be both quality and eco-friendly. Their packaging is also 100% from recycled paper and soy-based inks.

“The development team at Posh Paws International is aware of how important environmental issues are,” said Lauren Shipman, group marketing director to ToyNews. “The addition of this new BBC Earth product range is just a first step on our journey to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly soft toys.”

The plushies will have a special tag and statement to show that toys aren’t throw-away purchases. They will encourage buyers to ‘love them for life or pass on to someone else who will care for them just as much.’ The goal is to also motivate kids to be more caring about the environment and real animals, too.