Barbie will have a special An American Tourister branded collection

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Barbie will have a special An American Tourister branded collectionMattel continues to expand Babrie’s portfolio of collections. Now the doll brand will have a special An American Tourister line of collectibles, ToyNews reports.

The collection will feature six special pieces. It will have a “Modern Glow Barbie” range for women on the go.

As a result, the range features black travel bags with a pink holographic Barbie logo. The collection of travel items features:

“The fashionable hard side American Tourister Wavebreaker Barbie Spinner carry-on cases are available in 55cm and 65cm, whilst the assortment of soft sides consists of a 55cm soft side spinner, waist bag, shoulder bag and backpack to complete the sleek collection.” It hits “selected stores” in May 2019.

In September 2019 Barbie will launch a Samsonite “Neodream Barbie” collection. It aims to inspire girls and women to travel in style. The new collections, along with the movie, show Mattel’s desire to expand its popular brands way beyond toys. The company wants to turn them into even bigger properties with lots of partnerships in various areas.