Barbie introduces the latest Fashionistas line-up of diversity dolls

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Barbie introduces the latest Fashionistas line-up of diversity dollsBarbie has been championing diversity for a while. Now Mattel is introducing an entirely new Barbie Fashionistas line-up with several new diversity dolls.

The new line features several dolls representing various people. There’s a Barbie with vitiligo, with a prosthetic limb, with no hair and so on.

The new line also brings new versions of Ken. There’s a Ken with long hair and a Ken with red hair. Mattel also offers several skin tones for the dolls, different eye colors and so on.

The new additions to the Fashionistas line join the over 170 previous dolls in the diversity portfolio. Mattel will continue to add more and more diversity dolls to the Fashionistas line. The goal is to have as much diversity as possible to show kids that’s OK to accept people who are different and to have more dolls that represent them.