Bandai is bringing back the original tamagotchi

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Bandai is bringing back the original tamagotchiThe famous online meme “90’s kids remember” is especially valid for the ones that had a tamagotchi toy. It was one of the biggest hits for a while.

And now it’s coming back! Bandai is bringing back the original tamagotchi just as it were back in the day, UberGizmo reports. Up until now there were mostly clones and copies.

There were also several apps that mimicked tamagotchies. But none were quite like the original.

Now you will be able to experience the original Tamagotchi. It’s coming back to mark the 20th anniversary of the first appearance of the tamagotchi.

They will look and feel the same. The only real difference is, that today’s electronics are much smaller so, the toys will be smaller, too. Other than that, the features will be the same. Even with the same monochromatic screen.

For now the revived tamagotchies will be available in Japan for $18 a pop. If they prove to be as popular as before, they might be back in the entire world market.

Will today’s kids like the tamagotchi? After all they are used to much more graphically intensive features. And the tamagotchies were notoriously difficult to play, at least until you get the hang of it.