Babies learn to use smartphone before they can talk and walk

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Babies learn to use smartphone before they can talk and walk
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Quinn Dombrowski

Yet another study shows that more than one third of babies start using smartphones before they can talk or walk, sending stuffed animals to the back of the line.

The study has been carried by the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) and was unveiled at their annual meeting in San Diego, reports. The data was collected at pediatric clinics in the US and the researchers admit they were surprised by the large numbers of children exposed to media devices.

There was a similar study recently which said babies are starting to use technology from too early.This one seems to reflects the same conclusion. And even more worringly, it seems that one in seven toddlers under the age of one uses such devices at least for an hour a day.

“We didn’t expect children were using the devices from the age of 6 months,” said Lead author Hilda Kabali, MD, a third-year resident in the Pediatrics Department at Einstein Healthcare Network.

More than half of those children younger than one had watched a TV show using the devices. Another 36% had touched or scrolled a screen and almost one quarter had made a phone call. The numbers fell when talking about specific smartphone or tablet activities such as using apps or video games.

So it seems toddlers are learning how to use technology devices even before they can talk or walk. Results also showed 73% of parents let their children play with mobile devices while doing household chores. 60% are doing the same while running errands, 65% to calm a child and 29% to put a child to sleep. Time spent on devices naturally increased with age, with 26% of 2-year-olds and 38% of 4-year-olds using devices for at least an hour a day.

It is a bit worring to have technology play such a vital part from a toddler’s everyday activities.We understand the times are changing and technology gets a more prominent place. But we also know how much time consuming technology becomes and maybe it is better it it doesn’t start to absorb children’s times from 6 months old…