Build-A-Bear introduces news Avengers: Infinity War teddy bears

Build-A-Bear introduces news Avengers: Infinity War teddy bearsAvengers: Infinity War is going to be quite the movie. The anticipation is high and fans are ready. They can now welcome the movie with new Build-A-Bear themed teddy bears. They include an unique Teenage Groot bear and Iron Spider bear.

The bears are truly unique. Especially Teenage Groot Bear. You can barely tell it’s a bear. Only part of the face and, of course, the ears are bear-y.

The official blurb is also quite telling: “I am Groot!” The last surviving member of a tree-like alien race, Teenage Groot Bear is a gentle giant of a furry friend! Although he is calm and quiet, Groot has tremendous strength and is a very loyal partner to his friend Rocket Raccoon. Join the Avengers on their mission to save Earth and make your own Teenage Groot Bear!”

Build-A-Bear Iron Spider-Man teddy bear

Fancy the Avengers’ version of Spider-Man? Well, now you can have him in bear form. The Iron Spider-Man Bear is ready to save the world. It also comes with quite the blurb: “The universe is threatened by dark forces, but Iron Spider-Man Bear is ready to join the rest of the Avengers to come to the rescue! This heroic furry friend features Iron Spider-Man’s signature bodysuit built into its fur. Suit up your furry friend with fun outfits, sounds and accessories to make it even more unstoppable!”

As you can expect, there are several addition accessories, sound modules, outfits, etc. You can also use stuff from other bears to build your unique bear.

The new bears join the cast of several other Avengers-themed bears. Among them we can find Black Panther, Star-Lord, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America. Now just imagine an Iron Man Bear with the latest suit. Now that’s something that a lot of fans will be quite thrilled for. We know we are.