Australian toy libraries save unwanted toys from the trash

Australian toy libraries save unwanted toys from the trashToys give us a lot. They are in the foundations of many memories and features of our characters. But most of them end up unwanted and in the trash.

In Australia people are trying to save such toys. The Darwin Toy Library does just that by accepting donations from people who’s kids don’t want or need the toys anymore.

The Darwin Toy Library has about 4300 toys and half of those come from donations, ABC News Australia reports. Library director Frances Czoloszynski adds the Library already has more than 400 members.

There’s more to the toy library than you might think. It doesn’t simply collect toys. It’s just like a library for books. You can have a membership and go and borrow toys for up to two weeks at a time.

This is a great way to have an easy access to a lot of toys and not spend much money. It also means kids won’t get bored from the toys. And you can always then go and buy just the toys that the child really, really likes.

There are more than 280 toy libraries in Australia. They are members in the Toy Libraries Australia and are community-run. Another benefit from them is that the environmental waste is reduced.

Next year, the Darwin Toy Library will celebrate 40 years of service. Over the years the staff has see a lot of popular and favorite toys which fall into obscurity. They even have a person who restores and fixes old toys in order to keep everything in shape and ready to bring a smile to kids.