Aurora World will make “green” stuffed animals

Aurora World will make "green" stuffed animalsStuffed animals are great, but some use materials which aren’t great for the planet. Aurora World wants to change that and has a big plan.

The company plans to continue to change and evolve its stuffed animals. Eventually, they will be “green”, i.e. made entirely from sustainable or recycled materials, ToyBook reports.

Aurora World plans to adopt 100% post-consumer polyester for all its products. This change comes into effect this month.

The company will also use recycled biopolymer pellets for the stuffed animals. This will count for 3 million pounds of recycled plastics annually.

Aurora also plans to use recycled satin labels and 100% recycled paper tags for its products. They will also use fewer poly bags and replace plastic packing tape with paper packing tape and more. This way the stuffed animals will not also look great, but they will also be great for the environment.