Aurora World launches a new wave of the Yohoo plush toys

Aurora World launches a new wave of the Yohoo plush toysAurora World has expanded its popular YooHoo collection of small plush animals. The new wave of plushies features 37 new toys in various sizes and designs, The ToyBook reports.

All of the new characters are based on the YooHoo to the Rescue series. Among them there are several 11-inch plushies, as well.

Eight of them feature the main characters, including RingRing the Panda. The toys are coming just in time for the second season of Yoohoo which is out now on Netflix. And there’s also the third season coming this spring.

As you can expect, the new range of stuffed animals features characters from both the second and third series, as well. Among them are several new characters which will join the gang. Some of them are Gina the Giraffe, TF the Sea Turtle and more.

Another category getting new toys is the Stackies collection. These are the smal plushies which you can stack. They feature several new characters like Pooke the Meerkat, Mango the Flamingo and more. All f them are coming to the toy stores, so keep your eyes peeleed.