Asobi reveals the new line of plush sport toys Schmaze

Asobi reveals the new line of plush sport toys SchmazeDo you love both sports and stuffed animals? Well, Asobi has something just for you. It revealed a new line of sports-based plush toys called Schmaze.

The line features toys inspired from rugby, cricket and football (soccer for the US fans). Each toy has their own character and identity, ToyNews reports.

Why the idea for the line? Well, you know how most parents are. They want to buy that first baseball bat or football or something else from a sport for their kid.

Schmaze My First

But they also don’t want to wait. So, Asobi thinks that making this Schmaze plush sports line it will be able to inspire kids to like sports from a young age. Each of the toys have been designed to stimulate early development of fine motor skills and to introduce young children to sport themes.

“At Schmaze we believe that many lasting friendships and memories are made through a love of sport. We have created a range of soft toys that encourage safe active play from a much younger age. Also, the development of important social and physical skills and a deeper sense of self confidence”, Jonathan Rudd, creator of Schmaze says.