Are toys too safe these days or were they too dangerous?

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Are toys too safe these days or were they too dangerous?The debate about toy safety is always going strong. These days the question is aren’t new toys way too safe, thus boring, or were they too dangerous before?

Back in the 20th Century, especially during the 1950s and 1960s, there were plenty of wild toys. For example – wood burning kits, chemical sets, glass making sets, lead casting and so much more. Even electricity sets.

The toys back then we much more “industrial”. On one hand, all of this sounds quite intriguing and teaches kids a lot of skills. On the other hand – it all sounds way too much for kids and a bit dangerous.

But the times were different. Back then there was always at least one parent present or some kind of adult supervision. These days adults are often way too busy with work.

Also, the way of thinking was different. Kids getting injured was considered something normal. It was even weird if a kid didn’t have at least one bruise or something. That was the way for them to learn the world, so to say.

Today it’s all very different. The ways to play changed. Kids interest in toys also changed. Now they prefer the digital and the interactive, as opposed to the crafts. Today parents are deeply afraid if they kid even sneezes more than once. So, all of this changes toys and the interest in them.

Today toys like the old ones above probably won’t even interest kids. So, it’s not that today’s toys are too safe. It’s that they are just different to reflect the different times.