Are stackable plush animals a new trend in toys?

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Are stackable plush animals a new trend in toys?
Stackins plushie

Having too much stuffed animals? How about if you could stack them one on top of the other? This is what Funrise is aiming to make as a trend with Stackins.

Stackins are stackable plush animals which fans of Funrise Toys can sort of build with time. The idea is simple. You can get as many Stackins plush toys and… well, stack them one on top of the other. New characters and animals will be introduced a few times a year, so the collection can continue to grow.

Each Stackins toy will be offered in two sizes. They will all have different names and characters. The toys already have an animated YouTube show on Funrise Toys’ channel. There you can get to know the characters better, see what they can do when they are stacked and think of new combinations of stacking them in order to combine their specialties in different ways.

“Stackable plush is the hottest new collectible, and we are so excited to introduce these adorable, Stackins pets to fans. While Stackins certainly have a cute factor, they also have a purpose and identity that kids will love collecting,” says Kathy Hawk, vice president, Marketing, Funrise to ToyNews.

The official site of Stackins will also have videos and games, to further expand the connection with fans. The sales will start soon and the toys will be in retail stores in time for the Christmas shopping. Currently there are already 10 stuffies ready with more on the way.

What do you think? Are stackable plush toys a new trend? It seems more like a neat idea, but will it have the power to change most stuffies?