Are scented stuffed animals safe for children?

Are scented stuffed animals safe for children?
Image credit: Toys R Us

Scented stuffed animals are gaining popularity but also concerns. Are they safe for children. Don’t worry, they are and they might even be useful.

There is a reason scented stuffed animals can be helpful. Their scent can act calming to the children. It can also attract their attention when you want to.

The scented stuffed animals market is getting more and more crowded as there are many choices available. Some companies even offer a wide variety of scents that you can have on your stuffies. All of them are clinically tested and completely safe, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Usually the scent lasts for a couple of years. We have had a scented stuffie around here for about a year now and it is still smelling nice and fresh. But your results may vary. While you are here, why not

Check out a few scented stuffed animals

One company that offers quite a big line of scented stuffed animals is The BIG Zoo. They have over 70 fragrances. The scents are separated in a total of six categories: Bakery, Candy, Floral, Fruits, Nature and… Other where you can find scents like Dragon Breath, Root Beer and… Skunk.

The fragrances are applied to the outside of the stuffie so they don’t affect the texture. And it also ensures long lasting scent. The company offers more than 100 different stuffed animals and all of them can be scented.

Another company is Scentsy Buddy. They have a different approach. Each toy has a zippered pocked with a so-called Scent Pak. You can swap them with different fragrances asn you please. Each Scent Pak can last up to about 30 days.

Toys R Us also sells scented stuffed animals. One of them is the bear you see in the picture above. The brown bear is scented with  a nice Chocolate smell.

The company Intelex also offers a wide variedy of scented stuffed animals. For example this cute hippo. You can put the toy in the microwave to warm it up a bit which will activate the scent of the wheat grains that are used in the stuffing. This will make the hippo smell like French lavender.

You can also put the toy in the freezer for a couple of hours. This will make it ideal for reducing temperatures, easing sparins and bruises. There is a wide choice of different stuffies from Intelex that have the same functions.