Are augmented reality toys really going to be the new big hit

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Are augmented reality toys really going to be the new big hitAugmented reality (AR) is quite a popular topic in the world of technology. And it wants to spill into the world of toys over the next few years.

One of the big trends during the 2019 ToyFair was AR, The Journal reports. And one of the big forecasts is that by 2023 AR toys will become a market of tens of billions of dollars.

Some companies are already working hard towards this. LEGO for example which already has AR sets and games.This August it will also release the new Hidden Side set which will have even more AR experiences along with a traditional construction set.

Another idea of AR toys and games is Pokemon Go. While its popularity has faded over the past couple of years, the game still did show there’s massive potential in this area.

AR toys do have some benefits. One of them is the possibility of creating a lot more play opportunities and scenarios and keeping thing interactive. Companies can also update the experience as time goes on.

There’s also the opportunity to create more complex scenarios. Or simply to have a more sustainable toy experience with less materials.

AR toys also allow for customized experiences thanks to intelligent algorithms. So, there are definitely a lot of opportunities for augmented reality toys. Plus, they don’t mean that regular toys would disappear. In fact, they should become even more interesting.