April Fool’s pranks with stuffed animals

April Fool's pranks with stuffed animals
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April Fool’s Day is almost here. Want to have a little fun? Here are a few April Fool’s pranks with stuffed animals that you can do and have a few laughs.

April Fool’s Day is celebrated every year on theĀ 1st of April. The idea is to play practical jokes and hoxes. The idea is to do innocent jokes and not something out of line. It is thought that the custom, which is not an official holiday, has become popular during the 19th Century.

Some people do go off board with their April Fool’s pranks which causes the day to have a bit of a bad reputation. But if you go for a few innocent jokes, then all you will do is achieve a few smiles which is the whole point of this day.

As we well know, stuffed animals also love to have fun. This makes them an ideal partner for making April Fool’s Day jokes.

Here’s a great joke. Before your child or another member of the family wakes up, take a few stuffed animals and line them in front of the bathroom door. Explain that there is a wait line for the bathroom and they need to wait their turn. You can also put a stuffed animal on the toilet as well. Just be careful that it doesn’t fall in the toilet.

Another trick is to put a few stuffed animals around the table. Explain today it is their turn to use the furniture and you all will have to live where they usually spend their time.

If you have a few plastic bugs, you can put them somewhere on the stuffed animals so they fall off as the toys are played with.

Put a small stuffed animal with a cheecky note inside their bag, car or another place they visit.

Take a stuffed animal and put it on your desk at work. Explain this is your new boss.

If you really want to mess with someone’s head don’t do anything. Simply look at them cheekily and say “April’s Fools!” This will leave your “victim” wondering just what did you do. If they are playing with a stuffed animal at this point, they will for sure take a lot of time examining it to see what you have done only to never believe their own eyes that nothing is wrong.