Another seven stuffed animals facts

Stuffed animals factsThere are a lot of interesting stuffed animals facts. Some you may know already from our previous post about this topic. But we’ve found some extra stuff we tought you may like and we’d like to share it with you.

Let’s get down to the fun stuff.

Stuffed animals facts

Fact 1: The first established stuffed animal manufacturer is Steiff. It was founded in Germany way back in 1880. It is also one of the first companies to make and sell teddy bears. Steiff still goes strong even today with a worldwide market and they even have a museum.

Fact 2: We all know people love to gather stuffed animals together. The largest such gathering was in 2008 when National Georaphic set the Guiness World Record when it managed to gather a total of 2304 stuffed animals. In 2012 the record was smashed by the Rex Dogshelter Foundation in Hungary. It managed to gather a total of 6540 stuffies at one place.

Fact 3: Some more interesting stuffed animals facts: Teddy bears actually can be more dangerous than real bears. At least statistically more people have died from teddy bears. In the period 1920 – 2010 a total of 82 Americans have been killed by real bears. But 22 people have fatal incidents with stuffed bears every year due to unsafe play, choking on parts or unfortunate accidents like tripping on a toy.

Fact 4: Some of the first teddy bears were actually made with real bear fur.

Fact 5: Stuffed animals animals have been the main stars and characters in more than one story. The two arguably most famous ones are Winnie the Pooh which we have covered and the Velveteen Rabbit – the star of a children’s novel by Margery Williams.

Fact 6: Celebrities also like stuffed animals. Some of the more noted are Katie Holmes, Chole Grace Moretz, Demi Lovato, Dinah Hansen, Dove Cameron, Ed Sheeran. Jennette McCurdy, Shay Mitchell and Taylor Swift are another round of celebs who like stuffed animals.

Fact 7: A Teddy bear picnic is one of the most famous and traditional ways to have people who like stuffed animals to gather together and meet along with their stuffed friends. Although it’s called a Teddy bear picnic, all kinds of stuffies are welcome.

We hope you found our new seven fun stuffed animals facts interesting. If you have more to share, you can do this in the comments below or in our forum.