Another few thousand stuffed animals were donated by hockey fans during Teddy Bear Toss events

Another few thousand stuffed animals were donated by hockey fans during Teddy Bear Toss eventsThe Teddy Bear Toss season is ramping up just before the main event with the Calgary Hitmen. Before that fans of other teams did plenty to help their local communities, too.

There were several hockey games this Friday and Saturday which held Teddy Bear Toss events. Even some basketball and soccer games also had such events. This is very telling about the importance of the Teddy Bear Toss and how it helps bring a smile to kids in need.

One of the bigger Teddy Bear Toss events over the weekend was at the Colorado Eagles’ game. They were playing against Rapid City to a sold out crowd.

And their fans were well prepared for the Teddy Bear Toss. After the Eagles scored their first goal of the game, fans donated more than 8000 stuffed animals by throwing them onto the ice.

Utica College’s team The Pioneers had a huge win with 9-1 against Neumann. They also scored their fastest-ever Teddy Bear Toss goal at just 1:25 into the game. And as the fans were still throwing the thousands of stuffed animals┬áto the ice, one fan had the permission of the team to bring out his girlfriend onto the ice and propose. She did say “yes”!

And there’s more! The Indy Fuel played against the Wichita Thunder and won the game 7:1. Less than three minutes into the start of the game, the Indi Fuel scored.

Fans threw more than 3000 stuffed animals onto the ice. Some of them were more than prepared. They even had brought a slingshot to make sure their stuffed animals will fly all the way to the ice. Plus it makes the event even more fun.

And there’s still a lot more to come. On Sunday, Dec. 10 the Calgary Hitmen will play their Teddy Bear Toss annual game. The Hitmen are the holders of the all-time Teddy Bear Toss record of over 28 000 stuffed animals.

This year The Hershey Bears and their fans came quite close to it with over 25 000 donated stuffed animals. So, the Hitmen and their fans now have to respond accordingly.

The team is rallying up the fans for some time now. And the time is almost here. It’s sure going to be quite the event. Stay tuned for the results of the Calgary Hitmen’s 2017 Teddy Bear Toss! We will bring you the tally and the best views of the great event. It’s definitely a great time to be a hockey fan!