Anonymous donor buys a everything in a toy store every year to give to kids

Anonymous donor buys a everything in a toy store every year to give to kidsThere are donations and then there are donations. An anonymous man is buying everything in a local toy store every year to give it back to the kids.

The Secret Santa wants to remain hidden. He only says this is an important part of his family’s Christmas tradition, the Coloradoan reports.

The man comes at the Goodwill store in Fort Collins, Colorado a few days before holidays to set things up. He picks a day when all the toys in the store will be free. He then writes a check to cover the toys.

Next, a staff member announces on the intercom that every child who entered the store on Saturday could select one toy to take home absolutely free. As you can imagine, the kids are more than happy with the news.

The Goodwill store is also prepared with extra books, toys and stuffed animals as news travel fast. The mystery man and his wife spend some time in the store to watch the happy kids. Then, they leave unnoticed. Only a few staff members know who these generous people are. One thing is pretty much certain though. They will be back next year, too.

As for the kids. Most knew exactly what they wanted. Others had some trouble choosing, but in the end everyone were leaving happy.