Anna Kendrick loves to collect toys even of herself in various characters

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Anna Kendrick loves to collect toys... of herself in various characters
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Gage Skidmore

Many celebrities also love toys. Anna Kendrick is among them and she loves to collect various toys even today. She has a special love for toys of herself representing various characters.

But she’s far from being egoistic or something like that. In fact, she views it as an inspiration as she gets to be in several popular roles that get turned into toys.

Anna was a recent guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and talked about her newfound passion for toys. She says that happened somewhat recently during a trip to Target.

She was going there for regular shopping, but happened to see a figurine of her Trolls character Poppy. “I feel like one weird thing that’s happening is, like, I’m my own, like, kid and mother,” Kendrick told the late night host. And I’ll have this conversation with myself like, ‘Mom, can I, like, do some LEGOs and watch West Wing?’ And like, ‘Yeah, mom says it’s okay. Yeah, alright!’”

Anna’s current passion is LEGO. She says she loves building LEGO sets. “I’m doing too much LEGOs, like, I’ve never really done, like, LEGOs—like, the LEGO kits,” she said. “Turns out, LEGOs are amazing. It’s so much fun. It shouldn’t be this fun. I’m a grown up, what’s happening?”

And she’s already up there with the experienced builders. Kendrick says she’s already built the massive Star Wars Millennium Falcon set and the Death Star set.

It’s no surprise though. Toys are a great way to decompress and relax. Celebrities get to do a lot of stressful things for long periods of time. So, spending some time with toys and building LEGO sets can be a nice, relaxing change of pace.