Animoodle are new plushies for the creative minds

Animoodle are new plushies for the creative mindsNeed stuffed animals that spark creativity and fun? The new Animoodles are a special approach on this by allowing you to interchange their parts.

The Animoodles are a new collection of stuffed animals which come from veterans from Disney, Apple and Pixar. Their goal is to inspire imagination, creativity and fun, SlashGear reports.

How they do that? Well, the new Animoodles actually allow their owners to mix and match their body parts. Think of it as sort of a LEGO for stuffed toys.

Each Animoodle comes as a normal looking stuffed animal. But you can detach their hands, legs and heads. You can then attach them to another Animoodle body and create unique characters and creatures. There are a total of four Animoodles in the current collection.

Each plushie features 11 neodymium magnets which keep the parts in place. These are some of the strongest and longest lasting magnets on Earth. This means the Animoodles should stay together when kids play with them, but it’s also easy enough to detach when you want to be creative.

The magnets are hidden in a double-sewn patent-pending enclosure to keep them safe. You can even use them to help your Animoodles sit or stand.

Currently, the toys are on Kickstarter and hope to get $25 000 in funding. They have already blown away that goal and reached more than $85 000 in pledges. This means that by May 2018 the Animoodles will start shipping.