Angry Birds is launching its own line of hatchable stuffed toys

Angry Birds is launching its own line of hatchable stuffed toysThe success of the Hatchimals meant there are going to be other similar toys coming out. Even Angry Birds is joining the party with its own line Hatchlings.

The Hatchlings will feature a reversible soft toy which is inspired by the characters from the Angry Birds Movie. The movie will hit the cinemas this September.

The Hatchlings toys will be 15 cm tall. They will come in different colors and will at first look like an egg with eyes.

Then you can “hatch” it into¬†a cute soft bird. And you can also bring it back to egg mode later on. The Maad Toys line will come to the UK as well, ToyNews reports.

The toys themselves are licensed by Bulldog Licensing. And they are already working on drawing more attention to them with a series of short animations online.

The Hatchlings line will also feature the Angry Birds Hatchlings Scribble Me bags. They will also come with several pens with which you can color the bag. Also in the toy line you will find a Hatchlings messenger bag, a purse, backpack and a handbag.

The Hatchlings don’t look angry at all, but you still might not want to make them angry. After all, who knows what might happen.