Angry Birds 2 to launch July 30

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Angry Birds 2 to launch July 30

After about six years of waiting the second part of the popular mobile game Angry Birds is about to launch worldwide on July 30. So what you need to know?

The company that makes Angry Birds 2, Rovio, isn’t releasing many details about the new game. It is likely that it will follow the first Angry Birds and not any of the spinoffs that the original had such as Angry Birds Seasons and Bad Piggies.

It is expected that Angry Birds 2 will follow the original gameplay, too. The main goal should be to fire birds at the pigs and use the unique skills and features each bird has.

Rovio isn’t even saying which platforms will have Angry Birds 2. The company simply notes it will be “available in app stores worldwide”, so this should mean that it will be at least on both iOS and Android. There should be in-app purchases again and it is likely that the main game will be free to play.

It is likely that Rovio will try to tease games from here on until July 30th and make them really interested in their new game. Currently the company is not even saying will there be any new characters or improvements to the old ones, although it is safe to say there will be.

Over the years Angry Birds have turned into a global force and Rovio has managed to use that to the fullest. The company is making a huge variety of merchandise, including lots and lots of stuffed animals.

The game also has a huge following of fans. Some of them are even making their own Angry Birds plushies. You can see the how-tos right here and here. Oh, and here.

So get ready. Angry Birds 2 is coming, and if it is anything like its older brother, people will go crazy over the game and you will get so see, read and hear quite a lot about it. What we are expecting, though, are the new themed stuffed animals.