Anagranimals getting ready for production

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Anagranimals getting ready for production
Image credit: ToyNews-Online

The Anagranimals  are ready for their first production run. Soon the funky interchangeable stuffed animals will be available for orders, the company says.

According to ToyNews, the first batch will be ready by the end of June 2015. Anagranimals are expecting a high demand for their first prodcution run.

The toys are based on the popular children’s books. There will be a whole line of crazy looking stuffed animals that kids can mix and match to create the fictional characters or to dream up their own.

Each toy will be made out of three pieces. They stick together with Velcro for safe and easy interchanging. At first there will be three Anagranimals – Heidi the Hippo-Croco-Puss, Pedro the Pig-Orilla-Roo and Ebenezer the Ele-Zeb-Zee.

In the end children will be able to make a grand total of up to 216 potential Anagranimals combination. “Given the huge popularity, Best New Toy award and TV coverage, we are expecting a high level of demand. As such, we will be encouraging retailers to place their orders early to avoid disappointment”, says Leith Moghli who is the CEO and co-founder of Anagranimals.

The problem is he then adds that the first production run will consist of 10 000 stuffies and “a portion of them” has been already pre-sold. Still, the company will be taking orders for the second run and the more orders there are, the bigger the run is going to be made.