An extraordinary vacation with scale model vans

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The Black Sea
September is one of the best months of the year. Summer has already loosened its hot grip, and autumn is shyly peeking behind the yellowing crowns of trees. The night is quiet and cool, and I can sleep soundly. It’s time to put on my sailor shirt, grab the beach umbrella and the money from my wallet and head for the sea. Sunny weather, warm sea and plenty of fruits and seafood await me there. Stop. I was just daydreaming and ran into a problem. I have a difficult task to solve.
Futix and bear
I have to choose what to travel with so that I feel cozy and comfortable and spend my vacation in the most exciting and memorable way. I have a lot of choice and it makes it difficult for me. See what I have available and help me make my choice. I live about 500 km from the sea and decided to use a minivan. Not that it’s easy to pick which one exactly, but let me look at them first and then I’ll decide. Classics in this genre are Mercedes and Volkswagen.
Volkswagen Samba T1, Mercedes V-Class, Volkswagen T3
I own these models, which are very comfortable and furnished with everything I need to spend my vacation at the seaside without missing anything. Well, not quite, as I will miss my friends, who are many and I can’t get them all on board. I will need a comfortable bed and appliances to prepare a hot meal every day. In this area, my Volkswagen van is even equipped with a kitchenette and enough space to store food. The dining table is movable and will unfold only when necessary, so I will have enough space to rest, and the curtains will provide me with the shade I need.
VW Samba T1

Travel time

It’s time to head to the beach, sunbathe, swim, eat ice cream and cotton candy and prepare for the long winter ahead. I have a 4×4 for the winter break and will show them to you when the time comes.
Now I’m heading to Nessebar, my favorite summer vacation spot. It is located on the coast of the Black Sea, has a thousand-year history, many preserved fortresses and churches. The ancient architecture and harbors are combined with a beach of very fine sand, making it an ideal seaside resort. The air temperature is around 30 degrees, the water is 25-27 C and this fact makes me very happy and I feel lucky to be able to spend my summer vacation here.
After enjoying the sun’s rays during the day and swimming at will in the warm and clear sea, in the evening it’s time for a walk in the Old Town. There I walk along the quiet cobbled streets and immerse myself in the centuries-old history of Nessebar. The houses have been preserved in the form in which our ancestors lived, and I learn more about the history of the city in the archaeological museum. I feel very pleasant and sublime at the port, where the fishing and passenger ships return in the evening.
Old Nessebar church
The old mill
There is a preserved windmill here where people many years ago ground wheat into flour and to make their bread. Fishing is also the main livelihood of the local population, and in the new history of Nessebar, tourism also began to develop.
Classic fishing boats
And so hour after hour, day after day, and my vacation is over. Now I feel sad and at the same time happy that this year I was able to visit my beloved Nessebar. I can’t wait for the next summer of 2024 to come back here again. I packed my bags, went to say goodbye to the sea and took the return route on the autobahn.