Amy Schumer reveals her stuffed animal collection (video)

Amy Schumer reveals her stuffed animal collection (video)US comedian and celebrity Amy Schumer is a fan of plush animals. She revealed a part of her stuffed animal collection on Jimmy Fallon’s TV show.

Fallon and Schumer took part in a bit called “Explain This Photo,” in which they look at each other’s phones and ask for an explanation behind strange photos, Yahoo News! reports. It turned out that amongst the photos Amy had a picture of some strange looking stuffed animals.

It turns out Amy likes personalized stuffed animals and wants her stuffies to look like no other. So she explained she commissioned Sandro Kopp to do it.

Kopp is a popular artist who is known for his portraits of people, as well as stuffed animals. Schumer explained the picture, saying, “I commissioned him thousands of dollars to paint these stuffed animals.” Mind you, he hasn’t made a painting of stuffed animals. He has painted ON the stuffies.

Then it turned out Kopp isn’t painting portraits of all of Schumer’s stuffed animals, but  just one in particular: Pokey. Pokey appears to be a panda teddy bear which has been made to look a bit terrifying. Amy said she has had the stuffed animal since she was a little girl and even joked, “that doll has comforted me through several divorces.”

What do you think? Does the panda teddy bear look good? Is it OK to paint on stuffed animals? You can see it in the video below: